your body

is a museum

of natural disasters

can you grasp how

stunning that is

-rupi kaur

Last semester, I embarked on a labor of love called ‘sheets.’ A passion project celebrating the reclamation of the human form, it had complete ownership of my weekend mornings, my daytime thoughts and my occasional nighttime restlessness. Strangers and friends wandered into my bedroom and stripped down. We chatted away between poses in the soft morning light. Often in some semblance of pajamas, I sipped coffee intermittently. This project brought the most beautiful, passionate souls into my life. I am forever grateful.

Recently, an artist friend handed me an opportunity to show a few of the pieces in a gallery space. It opens tomorrow and I could not be more thrilled.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Finally holding these three 11×17 prints in my arms, I had the butterflies of a first-time crush. One by one, I popped these little pieces of my soul into black frames and handed them off.

This is my first time showing my work – hopefully the first of many. Tomorrow I will wander into the space and see my photos displayed on a stark-white wall, waiting to be absorbed, spun around and interpreted. May each viewer claim these as their own, finding an inner strength in the vulnerability of the subjects. I know I did.


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