woman warriors

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This week is senior week. It is a week leading up to graduation filled with friends, strangers, dancing, booze, sandwiches and luckily for me, plenty of yoga and hiking. It is a socially overwhelming experience laced with both small talk and heart-to-hearts. I really have lived life fully this week. My voice has trembled with gratitude and my feet are sore with movement. This has also been a particularly reflective week. In the brief moments I have caught alone, I have pondered the past year.

One thing is undeniable: My senior year has been the year of the “woman warrior” – a term invented by my spectacular roommate, and friend, Katelyn (pictured left, above). My senior year has been the year of strong females and strong female energy.

I have learned the importance and influence of female community. Over the past year, while maintaining friendships with my male friends, of course, I have built and nurtured the deepest female friendships.

This morning, Katelyn and I drove home from a fulfilling, late-morning breakfast at our favorite diner and attempted to dissect the magnetism of this energy. We discussed how this is beyond feminism, as we are both strong feminists. This is an internal sisterhood. The term “soul sister” goes beyond pop culture references and song lyrics. It is an energetic bond of feminine energy.

If I ever have a daughter, I hope to instill this in her. I hope to show her the significance of female community and feminine bonds. Gal pals are essential. The women in my life have certainly made the most significant impact on who I am. I hope to pay this forward.

This week I am filled with immense gratitude for my sisters. I would like to send my love to the woman warriors in my life who have laughed, cried and grown with me. Thank you for the long nights, winding hikes, cold swims, tipsy nights, early mornings and the promises of things to come. And thank you to the woman warriors I am yet to meet. We are surely connected.




One thought on “woman warriors

  1. Emma that was beautifully said. Does make you stop & reflect on life, memories,friends & family even at my age. You truly have shinned & you are a smart & strong woman warrior! Rock on girl & onto more new & exciting chapters of life. Love You Cuz


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