greeting summer


Yesterday, I welcomed summer by swimming in my favorite spot in town. I waded into the water slowly, easing my body into the shock of the cold water, before plunging in to accompany my friends. A group of us treaded in the murky gorge. A waterfall poured beside us. Following our swim, we lounged on large rocks as the stream meandered around our toes.

This marked the beginning of summer.

It was just what my body needed after a tiring day at my nannying job. As our skin absorbed the late-May sun, other groups came and went. Some sat in circles on slabs of rock, sipping beer and smoking. Others jumped into swimming holes, throwing their bodies off of small ledges. Dogs soaked their paws and chased frisbees.

Surrounded by strangers and friends, I felt whole. The solstice is yet to come, but my favorite season is unofficially here. Summer, please stay awhile.


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