a perfect day

Earlier this week, I completed the exhausting process of moving apartments. After cleaning floors and walls, I lugged all of my things into my car and drove down the hill to a new apartment, where I will be living for the summer. I don’t think I realized how much I needed the change. New spaces and new energies accompany this new summer weather well.


Morning swims at the gorge have become a daily ritual – before or after work. My favorite swimming spot is about a five-minute walk from my apartment. I have been hanging out there at least once per day.

Yesterday, I took a morning dip with my close friend, and now roomie, Steve (above). We then drove a half hour to have ice cream for breakfast. Obviously.


Later in the day, I spent time at Ithaca Festival. I was lucky enough to watch the festival’s parade from a friend’s porch. After the parade, we had some greasy food and danced at a concert. Life is so, so good.



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