Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

(I snapped this photo while passing by a mirror in my living room. Yes, it does feature my roommate’s satanic tapestry with a picture of Chris Martin pinned to it. This is what happens when you find absurd, creative friends, I suppose.)

After being overwhelmed with work a week or so ago, I manifested some down time. I made the intention to live slower. Suddenly, I was bombarded with an unusual amount of time off. I wasn’t scheduled at my coffee job. The kids I babysit got sick. Just one thing after another.

Luckily, it gave me the opportunity to focus on photography. I have been making a good dent in the wedding photos and I upped the marketing of my business. I snapped some headshots of a friend this evening, and was contacted about doing an artistic collaboration. All good things.

Aside from throwing my energy into photography, I’ve been relishing the opportunity to slow down. I’m a slow-moving human in general, as my friends and family could tell you, but it feels good to be pausing intentionally. Being mindful in this way has actually made each hour feel longer. I think I’ll be ready for when things speed up again. Everything in cycles, I suppose.

Sending calm vibes to you all.



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