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Hello friends!

I hope the early hints of August are treating everyone well. The past week has been a little loca for me but I am back in Rochester for a few weeks. Moving away from Ithaca was bittersweet to say the least. I was heartbroken to leave my life there but I know there are wonderful adventures to come.

Now that I momentarily have free time on my hands, I have thrown myself into planning my upcoming trip to Costa Rica! (Even though I should be unpacking…) I will be spending just under three months traveling around the country. During September, I will be working on two different farms with two of my friends. Then in October, I head to the Caribbean coast with one of those friends to work at hostels and play on the beach. Then I will have the first two weeks of November all to myself. Doing what, time will tell.

This is a rough plan, of course. There will be space for spontaneity, detours and pausing.

I am currently a woman obsessed with planning this trip and practicing my Spanish. I would love suggestions to add to my list! Have you traveled to Costa Rica? Where are your favorite places? Anything I should know? Please tell all!


Abrazos a todo!


5 thoughts on “home and planning

  1. I’m so excited for you. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos and reading about your adventures and what you’ve learned from your travels. Like I mentioned, a fellow IC grad and a friend of mine is currently living and working in Costa Rica, if you need a new friend I can put you in touch 🙂 All of my love to you for the journey ahead!


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