portraits – kailey

Hi friends!

Before I get into this portrait post, I want to thank you all for your kind words on my most recent post. I received so much love from followers, friends and family. I cannot wait to share my adventures with all of you.

For the moment, I am visiting Ithaca. My brother is here recording an album, so I decided to tag along. We are camping out (cheers to sleeping on the ground!) and I plan to spend my days trip planning and visiting with friends. It is an odd feeling being a guest in a place that was once your home. Perhaps more on that later. To ease into the day, I spent the morning sipping coffee and editing some old photos of Kailey, a cool music student. Here are a few of her final portraits.


Kailey’s headshot session was just a few months ago, but looking at these photos, I can see my own growth. I think I have made progress since then. Perhaps I simply don’t have the comforts or predictability of shooting headshots at my college. I have to push myself more, acknowledging the “real world” competition. I also have to raise my prices – which is tricky to tell myself I deserve.

Photographers, any advice for easing yourself into bigger markets?


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