a guest in your former town


Greetings from this 90 degree day! As I write this I am attempting to take refuge from the heat inside of an Ithaca coffee shop. My brother is here recording some of his album, so I decided to tag along. We are camping out and I am spending my days semi-aimlessly. And of course, I am cherishing seeing my dear friends, grateful for these moments before I leave the country.

Even though I moved out of Ithaca just a few weeks ago, it still feels a bit strange being here. During the four years I lived in this place, my connection with the town deepened. I stretched my arms into all different social situations, meeting students from all of the local colleges, as well as ‘townies’. I explored the touristy spots and the hidden nooks. I really made this place my own.

As I walk around , I can’t help but see ghosts of my life here. The sidewalk I used to walk downtown each day, the bench where I shared that belly laugh, the restaurant table where I had that second date, that traffic light where we played that one song…

And it has only been two weeks.

I’m curious if these ghost spots will eventually fade with time, meshing into a nostalgic generalization of my college years. Or perhaps they will become more vivid. Maybe time will sharpen the details.

I suppose I will see. For now, I will be enjoying my moments here. Until next time.



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