san josé, costa rica


Hola from breathtaking Costa Rica. As I write this, I am sitting in my hostel, feet tired from hours of walking around San José. We arrived here yesterday in the early afternoon, after an exhausting morning of travel, and immediately went to sleep. We then spent the evening relaxing and meeting people in our hostel.

The purpose of staying in San José for three days is for us to rest and get acclimated before we head to our first farm. Today, we ventured out and walked several miles to the winding, colorful streets of the city to a local park.

This place is beautiful. The colors of the buildings are vibrant and each neighborhood has its own character. The locals we have meet so far have been warm and inviting. We stopped at a tiny bakery to buy some pastries for lunch. The owner made endless recommendations for what to eat. And after offering up his food, he proceeded to offer us his son as a guide. The teenager blushed awkwardly behind the counter as his father boasted about his strength and street smarts. We smiled and laughed as we thanked him and wandered back into the intense afternoon sun.

Costa Rica, que linda eres.



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