finca chinchilla


Hola! I am thrilled to be sharing a little glimpse into our life on the farm. Finca Chinchilla has been an absolute dream. The owners, Luz and Guiermo, have been incredibly caring and welcoming, truly making us feel at home. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful this place is. The farm is tucked next to a river and everything is lush and green.

Our days start at 5:30 a.m.. We rise and head straight to the chickens to feed them and collect the eggs. The rest of the morning is spent cleaning the eggs, taking care of the pigs, working in the garden, shucking and grinding corn, pulling beans out of their shells and other general tasks. After lunch, we have the afternoon to ourselves. We usually read, sit by the river and nap. It usually rains all afternoon after a sunny morning.

The food is also incredible – rice and beans, plaintains, tortillas. I feel alert and healthy, and I can feel my body getting stronger every day. I am overflowing with gratitude for this opportunity.



6 thoughts on “finca chinchilla

  1. Emma, I think Linda and Walter can really use your farming expertise! They aren’t as experience as you already are! Stay happy and well. A.Dolores and U.Joe


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