a walk, a sloth and some fruit


We were sitting at a picnic table playing cards on a humid afternoon with another volunteer, Michael, when Guillermo, one of the farm owners, suddenly asked “Do you want to go see the sloth?” Rule of life, when a smily farmer asks you if you want to go see a sloth, you drop everything and you go. We threw on our boots and followed him.

And just as this amazing place continues to surprise us with more and more gifts, this little journey turned out to be more that just sloth hunting. As we walked up hill, through stalks of sugar cane and corn, Guillermo pulled fruits straight off of trees. After explaining the fruit’s origin and taste, he would gently hand us each one. Star fruit, coffee fruit, oranges and more. It was a beautifully rich experience.

From the crest of the hill where we stood, we could see stretches of valley sprinkled with trees and white cows. It began to rain softly as we descended back to the farm with piles of oranges and bunches of bananas in our hands.

Oh, and the sloth? Just as hilarious as I expected. It was truly a majestic creature, snoozing at the top of a tall tree. Not a bad life, little dude.



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