Cahuita – a small town on the Caribbean coast. Home to Cahuita National Park, reggae music, bright colors, palm trees, black sand beaches and the coldest beer I have ever had. In an unbelievable stroke of fortune, my two dear friends Steve and Jon decided to come to Cahuita. They booked the trip over the summer and I decided to head their way during my travels.

Beth and I booked an adorable, affordable cabina right by Playa Negra (Centro Turistico Brigitte for anyone interested). Life has been lazy and full of sunshine. While it is the peak of the rainy season in the rest of the country, the Caribbean is enjoying the dry season. So for us, this means hot and sunny weather every day.

We are getting a little antsy about figuring out what is next for us. With only a few more days to decide, we are tossing around different options. After two weeks of lounging on the beach, we want to find another Workaway in order to save money. Unfortunatly, hosts are not always reliable about responding to emails, so we are playing a waiting game. With that said, we aren’t without options and we found some clarity this morning. More on that decision later.

For now, we are enjoying our last few days in this place. I’m overjoyed that we were able to experience both coasts. Each has a different feel. The pacific is more surfer-driven, while the Caribbean is, well, more Caribbean. There is a very laid-back vibe here.

A few days ago, we spent a portion of the day walking through the national park to Cahuita point. The trails werEnjoy.



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