a painful day in u.s.a.


My heart goes out to all of my fellow U.S. citizens. Today is a difficult, painful, shocking day. I posted the following as my Facebook status and I want to share it with all of you. It was one of my immediate thoughts when I heard the election results this morning. Under tears and messages to my loved ones, it still holds true. I fly home on Monday I and can’t wait to hold everyone tightly.

If I ever have a daughter, I have no idea how I am going to explain to her how an intelligent, qualified woman lost the presidency to a racist, sexist, sad excuse for a man in 2016.

All I can hope is that as I try to explain the injustices of this country, that I can also say to her, “But we never stopped fighting.”

Let us go forth with strength and love, my friends.



6 thoughts on “a painful day in u.s.a.

  1. You go Emma Rizzo. I take solace knowing that young,intelligent people do exist in our nation and all is not lost, Just delayed for 4 yrs.
    Papa Tripp


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