‘seasons of the soul’

Happy December!

Lately, I’ve had a bit of a girl crush on Mari Andrew. I stumbled upon her Instagram recently and instantly fell in love with her sweet illustrations. I completely identify with her outlook on life. Be sure to check her out.

She posted this illustration a few days ago…

Credit: Mari Andrew

I love love love it. With winter approaching, I have been feeling an unusual tingling of motivation. As Mari’s illustration says, I’ve been feeling “quietly powerful.” I have the drive to work on projects, write, create and renew, but I want to do so quietly.

My whole life, I have been a summer person. I thrive off of the sun and suffer without it. In the past, winter has buried me in a blanket of seasonal depression, robbing me of my fire and drive. Over the past several years, however, I have made an effort to embrace the cold. I have strived to see it as a time of silent restoration. And I think it is working.

The prospect of filling out job applications is oddly exciting at the moment, as long as I have a cozy coffee shop to do it in. The typical lull in my photography business during this time of year would usually stress me out. Rather, I am choosing to view this as a time to remodel my business and marketing plans.

This coming Spring, I plan to be in a new place. Spring will be a time of growth and change more than ever this year. Winter, please prepare me. Powerfully. Quietly.

What are your thoughts on ‘seasons of the soul’? Do the seasons impact you? Please feel free to share in the comments!



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