stray and return


Maybe it was the humidity of this conservatory and that dreamy Spanish moss that woke me up. Maybe that was the moment that I realized that a period of change was shifting into something more settled.

I know that the “I have been really busy, so sorry about not posting” line is a classic blogger excuse, but I feel that my situation is a bit more complex than that. The past month, I have been thrown into the full whirlwind of change. A new job, a changing social life and many new adjustments. I am apartment hunting and wiggling around in my routine, feeling where I might fit. I took a brief social media hiatus (and I am honestly loving not being on Facebook still) and wasn’t blogging at all.

And I truly missed it. Caught in all of this shifting, I was not prioritizing my outlets, and my mental health began to suffer. I didn’t touch my camera during that time, and my journal stayed closed. It was not good. After a rude awakening last week, I am back to prioritizing my passions and my own self care.

I also want to emphasize that despite the rapid changes, life is good. Really good. I have now have a full-time writing job that I love. I am meeting new people and learning more about Rochester every day. I’m happy. Everything is full of possibility. I am excited to share what I created during this next chapter with all of you.

So, this is me saying “Hey, I missed you. I’m back.” Not only does this blog hold me accountable to taking photos regularly, but it serves as a point of reflection. I like sharing little snippets of my life with all of you. And I have loved hearing from followers.

Back to that dreamy Spanish moss above – I will soon be sharing more photos from that day. Stay tuned.

I hope you all are well.



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