weekending – hi again


It’s been a while. And I miss you.

I’m not sure exactly why I opened my computer and suddenly decided to write a blog post. But I do know that I had stopped blogging after taking a professional content writing job. I do know that this job robs much of my creative energy. I also know that this is no longer an excuse.

I am planning to make some major changes in my life soon (of course, to be revealed on this platform as needed). But all of these changes will certainly benefit from having my camera on me more and taking the time to share these images with you. I am also looking forward to having the support of this blogging community as I go forward. With that said, shout out to the followers that are still around. Love you tons.

So, how about I start now with a little snippet of life lately? After months of stress and burnout at work, I took a few much-needed days off. During this time Giancarlo (my boyfriend – have I introduced him on here yet?) had a friend visiting from out of state. The three of us spent a lovely afternoon wandering around the park and the conservatory — followed by a donut and coffee stop. Here are some snaps from that adventure.


I hope you will join me on the journey of committing to a more fulfilling, creative life. I’m so happy to be back, and I can’t wait to follow all of you on your journeys as well. Much love. ❤


weekending – ithaca

Hey friends! I have been sick in bed for the past few days fighting a pretty ruthless virus. Some forced downtime never hurts though, I suppose. This rainy, sleepy day seems like a good time to share some snaps from last weekend’s visit to Ithaca.

I took my boyfriend down to my old college town for the first time, introducing him to my favorite spots and my favorite people. Many of my closest friends, including my brother, are still living there, so it was a great time. We saw some live music, ate great food and wandered around town. Weekends like these always feel like a reset for my soul, keeping me in check and reviving me at the same time. As always, I am looking forward to my next visit.

Here are a few miscellaneous snaps from the weekend, including a few rare shots of me.

What are you up to this weekend?



weekend visits


Now that I am back in Rochester, I am getting to know the city in a whole new light. This is why it is extra fun when friends come to visit. I get to show them my favorite spots and let them see this place through my eyes.

Last weekend, my dear friends/favorite couple came to visit. Wandering around Rochester with Jesse and Val was such a joy! They came for the sweetest day trip and it was perfect. We sipped coffee, drove around, shivered next to the falls, and chatted away.

I recently had a similar experience when my lovely friend Faith and her husband Alex came to Rochester for an evening. Living within driving distance of some of my favorite people is such a treat, and believe me, I am cherishing it.

Here are a few snaps from Jesse and Val’s happy, sunny visit.





April could not have arrived at a better time. I woke up this morning with a sense of renewal. Much-needed renewal.

March was not my month. I was functioning with this overwhelming feeling that I was constantly trying to catch up with myself. As the days past, I wasn’t completing things that I needed to complete. I was constantly running late and not prioritizing the right things. It was a blur of a month that left a small knot of anxiety in my chest.

While I understand that this is due to all of the change in my life, it is time to turn a corner. All of the change that I am experiencing is vibrant, beautiful and full of potential. I have also been blessed with numerous opportunities to see old friends and soak in everything that they are up to. I found a lovely place to live and will be moving within the next few months. The weather is getting warmer and there are exciting things to look forward to. Life is wonderful and it is time to bring myself back to the present.

April, may you help me do this.

I am such a believer in the moods of the seasons. Summer always makes me feel free and spontaneous. Fall is quietly mature and settling. Winter is silent and pensive. And spring is renewing. I feel this now more than ever. While the weather here is a murky winter-spring hybrid, I am open to sunshine and growing warmth. I am eager to shed my layers.

There is something in the air today telling me it is time for this renewal. April is a holistic refresh. April is a sign to come back into myself — stronger, calmer, energetically sound.

What do you hope April will bring you?